Bibliagora offers advertising solutions for your brand, services or products that meet your marketing objectives. We offer a suite of advertising channels for you to take advantage of, including online display advertising, package inserts and Bibliagora’s own Magazine, which is sent to our customers for free.

Online Advertising
Online advertising on Bibliagora sites can maximize your products (or services) exposure to thousands of customers in a relevant and powerful way. High-visibility placements are available throughout the Bibliagora sites including the home pages, search pages, category pages, product detail pages, and the checkout pages.

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Successful advertising of your products & services at Bibliagora websites

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Package Inserts
With our package insert program you can reach Bibliagora’s customer base of very demanding Greek speaking consumers abroad, who are high-income and highly-educated. Bibliagora’s customers always open their delivered packages and access the content 100% of the time. And that is what makes our approach unique and successful, unlike other direct mail solutions who end up in the bin unopened. You can have your own inserts (leaflets, postcards, catalogs, small product samples, business cards etc.) placed into our outbound deliveries.

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Bibliagora Magazine
This is another offline channel available to reach Bibliagora’s unique customer base. A bilingual magazine that reaches thousands of customers and published quarterly. It is edited to the highest standards and offers information on new Greek language books and educational products. It’s full-colour up to 32 A5 pages long and includes product reviews, promotional offers and often involves readers in competitions. And of course it’s sent for free to our customers, either independently or as part of our outbound deliveries. Place your full-colour adverts on any page, without size restrictions except the cover page.

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